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The Stratford Group, Inc. is the professional business advisory, marketing and financial resource team supporting the University Technology Commercialization Institute's new business services for start-ups.  As successful entrepreneurs, we show you how to evaluate all of your technologies to select the best one for development.  We then teach you, step-by-step, company structure design, legal, finance and, if your technology is unique, a possible public offering.  We have been working for years with dozens of university inventors and scientists and developing dramatic business successes.We can help you, too. 
UTCI, a Delaware Corporation, was created to help university inventors and scientists start and build new companies featuring their innovative technologies and our experience.  Stratford offers experienced business guidance from professionals who are also successful entrepreneurs, new business creators, company founders, executives, investors and/or marketing and financial consultants. In addition to being a successful marketing and new product development advisory for companies like Coke, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AT&T, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, and other Fortune 500 companies, the organization also is celebrating its 19th year as a university-invited consulting firm with the assigned task of guiding the design of a successful company, mentoring the management team, and helping fund new and successful university technology companies.  We also have licensed university technologies for our own companies.


Send us an email (send a Non-Disclosure Agreement, too, if you wish).  We'll sign it, return it, and you can safely describe your business idea.  We'll give you a FREE "new concept or new product evaluation."  This has become a popular feature of The Stratford Group's services.  We'll evaluate your technology and tell you what you need to know to design your company before you take your first step.  We also will share with you what we've learned will be the most effective corporate structure for your technology's new home and all of the "little" details a start-up needs to get right the first time.  It's important to look your best to investors and customers.  Don't start looking for funding before getting this type of experienced guidance.  We'll show you how to prepare a successful presentation for various levels of funding and how to present it effectively.  We'll help you eliminate the big mistakes that new businesses often make at the beginning of their business development efforts.  We'll show you how to start, structure, and manage your new business and how to construct your company and commercialize your technology successfully. We also invest our personal funds and funds from our investing associates.


The Stratford Group, Inc.,
was founded in New York City in 1973 as a marketing and business consulting firm with international Fortune 500 clients (like those mentioned below).  The Company was successful immediately. University professors, inventors, and scientists began asking Stratford for new product development help. 
Stratford was asked to evaluate several dozen new and exciting technologies at a large, Midwestern research university (Purdue) to determine their relative value and commercialization potential.  The alliance created new companies and new jobs.  Since that successful beginning, the Development Team has counseled dozens of new companies and universities and almost all have been on a referral basis.  We don't solicit new engagements. 
As a result, we have actively (and silently) participated in the creation and continued guidance of scores of startup companies formed by entrepreneurs, working with Stratford, to commercialize their individual Technologies!  Students, inventors, scientists, and administrators call us for help before they start their new company and new product design. We help them create and then value their potential and, when both sides agree, we provide or help with funding.


2017 -- We Are Celebrating T
he Stratford Group's Nineteenth Year as the  Leading Private Technology Commercialization Resource in the US.  The Stratford Group, Inc. was the first company to assist universities with professional technology commercialization.  All Stratford
Executives are experienced business professionals.  They are specialists in a broad range of business disciplines.  Stratford is a source of seed capital, confidential financial and marketing planning assistance, and other support for the creation and development of companies with proprietary university or corporate technologies.  


Stratford also provides specialized, confidential research and business counsel to assist universities and inventors in the establishment of more successful commercialization friendships and alliances, as well as licensing and tech transfer programs. 
Additional Stratford services include experienced employee selection-assistance and mentoring of each new company's management team (and their advisers) in essential business and financial disciplines.  Other similar firms have been so impressed by our capabilities that they attempt to duplicate and offer Stratford Services, too.  We're flattered.  But our counsel is filled with the knowledge of years of hands-on experience and new business creation. Our support services fit into each company's available time and schedule.  This is a list of several of the essential topics each new corporate management team must master as quickly as possible.  And this is the first step.  
  • What Each of Your Corporate Officers Must Know To Start
  • How To Design a New Business From Scratch 
  • Seed Capital - Where, When and How To Get It   
  • When and How To Get And Use Venture Capital
  • How And What To Present To Angel Investors
  • Marketing Planning - How To Do It Effectively From Day 1 
  • How To Write A Presentation Document That Attracts Investors 
  • Legal Requirements and Essential Legal Forms For Startups  
  • How To Do Successful New-Product Branding 
  • How to Position Your Product To Commercialize Successfully
  • Patents?  When?  How?  Why?  Why not? 
  • How to Negotiate University Licensing Agreements 
  • How To Prepare For A Public Offering - Is It For You? 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - How To Analyze, Value and Negotiate
  • How To Manage Your Company - Public and/or Private
  • How To Find And Hire Your Most Important Team Members
  • How To Finance A Sustainable, Public Benefit Project
  • How To Build A Successful, Profitable Business Through Innovation

We provide hands-on guidance and counsel.  Your entire team learns what to expect from the business and financial communities and how to handle each situation as it arises.  We work with you at your site or ours to show you, day by day, what to do and how to do it.  And we'll work with you until you feel comfortable enough to go forward on your own.  But we don't desert you.  We will continue contact through phone, emails and webinars when you feel it is necessary or desirable.  If you wish, you can have a full-time counselor working with you every day on an exclusive basis at your school or office.  Some of our consultants even have been asked to serve as officers of the Companies we've helped start. 

Since 1998, The Stratford Group, Inc., and its experienced team of successful business professionals and investors, has been The Rosetta Stone providing effective communications and successful support tools that link business interests, the financial community, and academia together more closely and more productively to create and nurture successful new businesses built with university and corporate talent and technologies.  


A Stratford Executive will visit with you, your company, and your advisers (by phone, email, or in person -- your choice) and discuss, review and evaluate your technology confidentially (please do NOT send your patent or business plan until we talk).  We will show you how to assemble your new company's management, assist you with the design and positioning of your new product (or products), and provide the financial resources necessary to create and build a successful business.  We advise you and your team.  All decisions are made by you.  Additionally, Stratford provides relationships and introductions to the most powerful and supportive international business resources, venture capitalists and bankers.  We recommend from an entire selection of superlative resources with whom we've worked (we are not tied to just one) in finance and corporate development so that each of our companies works with financial relationships who have demonstrated their capabilities by financing college start-up companies successfully.  Not all financial resources can do everything.  Each has a specific talent.  We help you choose your financial partner wisely (as we've helped other start-ups do quite successfully for years).  We have no commission or reimbursement relationships with any financial resources so we have no obligation except to you to provide you with the best.


As said earlier, every Stratford professional is a successful entrepreneur.  Each brings special knowledge from personal business successes in large corporations, small start-ups, or both.  Each person is highly skilled with hands-on experience in one or more of the following business disciplines:  accounting and finance, venture capital, angel capital, investment banking, biotechnology, consumer products creation and marketing, computer systems and computer software, government relations, fast food (QSR), franchising, electronics, health care, optics, manufacturing technology, bioengineering, medical and biotech instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, hospitality and communications.  Team members also have successfully licensed technologies from universities and are familiar with the processes and legalities involved.  We can advise new companies on the mechanics that have proved to be most successful.

Among the Fortune 500 companies for whom the firm's team members have provided marketing consulting and new product development services are Colgate, Bristol-Myers Squibb, US Steel, Procter & Gamble, Pillsbury, McDonald's, Kellogg, AT&T, Coca-Cola, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Chrysler Corporation, General Instrument, DOD, DOE, and more.  New businesses also were created, developed and managed by Stratford Executives that culminated in public offerings of the companys' stock in businesses that include biotechnology, computer software, medical instrumentation, government services, and consumer products.  


Several Stratford-developed and/or managed companies also were acquired (after their Stratford-designed and guided IPOs) by Kodak, Du Pont, and Berkshire-Hathaway.  The companies have represented a broad spectrum of business categories (e. g., biotechnology instrumentation, medical software, computer games, and more).  Stratford has helped these new technologies and their start-up companies thrive.

consulting engagements include new business assignments for the legislatures and governors of New York, California, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona.  


Send our CEO an email directly to  Describe your status and your objectives and the type of new business you're about to build.  We'd be delighted to help.  There is no obligation.  All relationships and services are always confidential.  We recently encouraged folks to use an email to contact us rather than to send FEDEX boxes filled with business plans because we can make our first meeting much faster and more productive with emails than we can with business plans that we'll help you develop for funding.  We've been working with new companies and new technologies for decades and we've learned how to help you quickly and very productively through email. If we find it would be beneficial to get your company moving more quickly, we'll send you phone numbers to call or ask you for your numeber and put you together with our key people immediately.  Give us a try.  There's no charge.

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